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  3. Wednesday, 13 April 2022
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I am having trouble finding where I can edit the style sheet for the checkout with this template. Is there a certain tab or main file that can edit the div between the login accordion and the registration accordion? See when you go to checkout I have the log in form and the registration form that come up under the cart. The div between the 2 sections is a very large gap and I am trying to make it a smaller gap like in the picture1. Can you direct me to where I can locate the style sheet for this section please.

Picture 1 is what I would like it to look like. I was able to edit it the browser code inspector, but it doesn't specify where the element.style is located.
Picture 2 is what it currently looks like as is straight from the template.
Picture 3 is a button error that I can't find the file on to correct or edit this and the developers at hikashop is saying that it is on the template design end, so any help with that also would be great.
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