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  3. Friday, 06 November 2020
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Dear Sirs,

there is a problem with Winter Theme & Hikashop: In Checkout workflow settings of Hikashop there is a flag called "Show shipping price" that has not effect with Winter Theme. I don't want to show in the first cart view the shipping price (because the customer doesn't already choosen the type of preferred shipping method ...). It is useful only in a next cart list...
Is possible to activate this flag or remove shipping price from the first cart?

Second question: there is a problem showing prices in cart and Invoice: as in attached picture, the product price is displayed with Taxes (green underlined), but for the cart and invoice is my case is necessary to show the price without taxes, then a total without taxes (in italian Totale Imponibile), after that the amount of taxes applied and at end the Final price with Taxes.

Is possible to modify also this?

Thanks a lot,

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