You can use our Call to Action particle for multiple purposes, such as: Show banner with a background image and overlay texts and button, image(left) - description(right), description(left) - image(right), text(left) - button(right), button(left) - text(right), highlight contact info or important information with background color, box shadow, title, description, button etc. 


Note: Check your theme's existing particles first. If you already have this particle there, then skip this installation unless you need to update to a latest version.

  1. Download Call to Action particle from particles download area of
  2. Unzip/Extract the particle zip file on your PC and open the folder
  3. Copy  particles folders to-
    1.  On Joomla: ROOT/templates/DEFAULT_TEMPLATE/ using an FTP client like FileZilla or using your cPanel File manager
    2.  On WordPress: ROOT/wp-content/themes/DEFAULT_THEME/
    3.  On Grav CMS:  ROOT/user/data/gantry5/themes/DEFAULT_THEME/
  4. Now it will copy/create required directories and files for this particle. If you're updating this particle to a latest version you need to confirm on the replace warning notification.



  1. Read how to add particles to your website here. 


For others, please check documentation inside this particle by hovering on each option title. We will be adding more information, if you have any issue with this particle please post a question on our support forum.