Before configuring Styles and Layout you need to activate Development mode.

When in Development, any change made to the Styles Tab and custom.scss file will be detected by Gantry, triggering an automatic recompilation of the file. This makes it easy to make changes on the fly and have them appear on your site without any extra action required on your part.

Note- 1: In Development mode, your site will load slowly as it will check and recompile all SCSS and some other files every time you reload the site.


How to Activate Development Mode?


Development and Production Modes


  1. Go to Gantry Admin
  2. Click on the Extras from top right corner.
  3. Now use the toggle to activate Development


Note- 2: After done Styling and configuring the Layout, don't forget to Activate Production mode using above same method. And then Recompile CSS from the Styles Tab. By doing this, will increase your site performance and reduce page load time.