Cloning same particle contents from one Outline's layout to another Outline's layout is very useful and time saving feature in Gantry 5.

Example: you have published a contact form on About Section on the Home page Outline using Ajax Form Builder particle. Now you want to publish the same form with same particle on a different Section on another Outline/page. By default you will have to repeat the same work for another page. But using the Clone features, you can easily copy contents from any Outline's layout and any sections.


  1. Go to you desired Outline and its Layout tab.
  2. Drag and drop the particle which you will be copying contents from another Outline. Read using particle on your theme's layout.
  3. Now click (config icon) next to the Particle you just dropped-

    Clone gantry 5 particle
  4. From the popup window-

    clone gantry 5 particle contents
    1. Click on Inheritance tab
    2. Select Clone from Mode options
    3. Select an Outline where same particle exist and you want to copy its contents from
    4. If you have the same particle on any Outline's Layout, you will see them under Particle Instance options and then select an option which you want to copy contents from.
    5. From the Replace options, check both options.
    6. Click on Apply and Save button and see whether contents copied successfully. If not, follow step 3 and 4 again.
    7. Now you can also edit existing copied contents for this layout only.