You can use different styles, page settings and layouts for different pages. You can also create unlimited custom pages on Joomla or WordPress using Gantry 5 powerful drag and drop layout builder, RcaTheme particles and extended RcaTheme theme's layout.

  1. Go to Gantry Admin
  2. Click on Outlines from top right corner of Gantry Admin

    Gantry 5 outlines
  3. Click on + sign button to create new Outline

  4. Create page from "Base Outline" with Inheriting/cloning global styles, page settings and layout.

    Outline from Base

    1. Add a Title for your page.
    2. Select Outline from Create From options
    3. From Outline options, select Base Outline or any other available Outline as you need.
    4. If you want to inherit every Sections from Base/selected Outline, then Check Inherit option.
    5. If you want to only clone contents from the selected Outline, then Uncheck Inherit options.
    6. Click on Confirm button.
  5. Create page from your "Theme's Preset" with Inheriting/cloning styles, page settings and layout from selected Preset.

    Outline from Base

    1. Add a Title for your page.
    2. Select Preset from Create From options
    3. From Preset options, select your desired Preset you want to copy Sample data used on the theme or particle.
    4. Click on Confirm button.
  6. After creating an Outline-

    Outline from Base

    1. Click to start customizing/editing it's styles and layout and assign to menu items.
    2. Click to Duplicate the Outline.
    3. Click to Delete the Outline.
  7. Editing the Outline you created-
    1. Follow section #6.1 above to edit the Outline you created.
    2. If you want to edit later, read how to access to the outline you created.
    3. Styles Tab

      Default styles tab

      From the Styles tab, you can override it's existing settings if you need.
    4. Layout Tab

      Default layout tab

      From the Layout tab, you can customize the layout, add/edit contents. If you want to remove Inheritance from a Section, read Adding Particles on an Inheritance Section and add/edit remove existing particle from the Section.
    5. Page Settings Tab

      Default page settings

      From the Page Settings tab, you can add/edit/configure settings and Atoms for this page.
    6. Assignments Tab

      From the Assignments tab, you can assign this Outline to your Menu Items (as well as Pages and Posts on WordPress).