After uploading and extracting the Quickstart installation package, if you see broken Joomla! installation page while trying to install the Quickstart package on your website, please follow below steps.

REASON: It's Files and Folders permission issue. Nowadays, some hosting company adds some restrictions on their server for security purpose. And for the reason, your extracted files and folders doesn't get required permission during extracting the zip file.Login to your hosting control panel and go to File manager.

  1. Login to your hosting control panel and go to File manager. 
  2. Create a php file called "permission.php" on your website root directory where you uploaded and extracted the Quickstart package.
  3. Now edit "permission.php" file and add below codes and Save-




  header('Content-Type: text/plain');



  * Changes permissions on files and directories within $dir and dives recursively

  * into found subdirectories.


  function chmod_r($dir, $dirPermissions, $filePermissions) {

      $dp = opendir($dir);

       while($file = readdir($dp)) {

         if (($file == ".") || ($file == ".."))



        $fullPath = $dir."/".$file;


         if(is_dir($fullPath)) {

            echo('DIR:' . $fullPath . "\n");

            chmod($fullPath, $dirPermissions);

            chmod_r($fullPath, $dirPermissions, $filePermissions);

         } else {

            echo('FILE:' . $fullPath . "\n");

            chmod($fullPath, $filePermissions);






  chmod_r(dirname(__FILE__), 0755, 0644);




  1. Now browse http://YourDomain.tld/permission.php
  2. After completing loading the page, browse your site http://YourDomain.tld and complete the installation.
  3. Now you can delete permission.php file you created.