You can install RcaTheme template using Joomla!'s default Installer. Before installing the template, make sure you have installed Gantry5 Framework.

If you're creating new website, follow documentation for installing RcaTheme Quick-start package instead of below documentation.


  1. System Requirements

    see Gantry 5 System Requirements

  2. Install Gantry Framework
    1. Download Gantry 5 framework from your download area of or download it from Gantry5's website
    2. Login to your Joomla Administrator
    3. Go to Extension -> Manage -> Install

      Joomla Installation Manager

    4. On the Upload Package File tab, select or Drag & drop Gantry 5 ( zip file

      Upload Joomla Template

  3. Install RcaTheme Template:
    1. Now on the Upload Package File tab (see above), select or Drag & drop RcaTheme Template zip file you downloaded from your download area of
  4. Set RnShop as your default Template
    1. Note: If you install Sample Data advised after your successfull installation, your template will automatically set as default and create basic Template's Layout, so you can start with modification. If you didn't install Sample Data-
    2. After successfully installing the template, Go to Extensions -> Templates -> Styles
    3. Now select The [Template you installed] - Default and Set Default