What is WordPress Quickstart Package?

Quickstart Package is a complete installation of WordPress that includes the core WordPress files together with the theme, particles, plugins and sample demo data as shown on the demo site. When you install the quickstart, it creates a copy with all the demo data and configuration, so you can get started with customization.


Installing WordPress Quickstart Package

For installing quickstart package you need to:

  1. Download the Quickstart Package for the theme from download area of RcaTheme.com
  2. Upload Quickstart file to your server.
  3. Create database
  4. Start installation.


  1. Download the Quickstart Package
    1. Login to your RcaTheme.com account and navigate to download page.
    2. Now download the Quickstart package for the theme you want to install.
  2. Upload Quickstart file to your server.

    There are two possibilities for uploading the quickstart file to your server.

    1. The best option is to use the cPanel. If your host has cPanel, you can upload the Quickstart Package archive in your Public HTML folder and to Extract it there. By doing this you will avoid any WordPress file losses.
      1. Login to your cPanel
      2. Click on File Manager

        cpanel goto filemanager

      3. Select Public HTML or any other folder you want to install.

        filemanager p html

      4. Now click Upload

        filemanager p upload

      5. Now select or Drag & drop the Quickstart file

        filemanager upload

      6. After finish go back to File Manager
      7. Now select the Quickstart zip file you just uploaded, and Extract

        cpanel extract

    2. The second option is to upload extracted files using an FTP client.
  3. Create database
    1. Create a database using cPanel MySQL Database Wizard.
    2. For more information about how to create database check here
  4. Start Installation

    Now you are ready to install WordPress (Quickstart package).

    Start the WordPress web installer by opening your favourite browser and browsing to the site's domain name. On host installation you will use http://www.yoursitename.com. If your are installing WordPress locally, you will use http://localhost/[path to quickstart package files], and you should see the installation screen.

    1. Select Language:



      1. Select your desired Language
      2.  Click on Continue button.
    2. Installation Requirements Information:

      WordPress installation - installation requirements

      This is the WordPress requirements information you will need to install your WordPress. Read and click on Let's go! button.

    3. Database Connection Details:

      WordPress installation - database connection details


      1. Database Name: the name of the database you created earlier
      2. Username: the username used to connect to the database
      3. Password: the password for the database's username
      4. Database Host: Where is your database located? Common is localhost, but some hosts use a specific database server such as dbserver1.yourhost.com
      5. Table Prefix: one is generated automatically, but you can change it. For the security reason, it's recommended to change to a hard one (All lowercase combined with Alpha-Numeric character and maximum character length is 14 including underscore(_)). Just don't forget to put the underscore character (_) at the end of the prefix.

      After submitting Database connection details, click on Submit button.

    4. Run The Installation:

      WordPress installation - run the installation

      If the WordPress connected successfully with the Database, you will see a confirmation message to run the installation. Now click on Run the installation button to start the installation.

    5. Welcome and Information Needed:


      After successful installation of the WordPress, you will see an Welcome message and you will be asked for some necessary information to complete the installation.

      1. Site Title: write your website title here, you could change it later.
      2. Username: enter admin username here, you will need it to login to your WordPress admin. For security reason, don't use "admin" as username.
      3. Password: the password for WordPress admin username
      4. Your Email: enter your email address here.
      5. Search Engine Visibility: If you want to Hide your site from Search engines, then check this option.

      After submitting all requested information, click on Install WordPress button.

    6. Success!:

      WordPress installation - run the installation

      If your WordPress installed successfully, you will see Success! page. Now you can login to Admin panel by clicking on the Log In button.