RCA Deals for HikaShop

RCA Deals for HikaShop

Best way to show and highlight 2 or more Discounted/New/Promotional HikaShop products with a countdown timer.


  • Responsive design
  • Options to select any desired date and time to count.
  • Customisable countdown label.
  • Option to disable countdown timer.
  • Custom background, border and text color chooser to match with your current template.
  • Custom padding to match with your current template's product listing style.
  • Option to set maximum number of products to display.
  • Show products from all HikaShop categories or from one or more categories.
  • Show products from all HikaShop brands or from one or more selected brands.
  • Show only your own selected products.
  • Display products synchronised by currently viewing category when possible.
  • Show products ordered by Random, Most recent, Top sales, Availability date, Rating scores, Votes, Hits.
  • Options to show only Sale price or Base price and sales price when discount applied to the product.
  • Option to show/hide Add to cart button.



Change log

Version 1.0.5 
Date: Nov 19, 2022

* Bug fixed.


Version 1.0.4 
Date: Nov 01, 2021

* Improved.


Version 1.0.3 
Date: Oct 19, 2021

* Compatible with Joomla! 4


Version 1.0.2 
Date: June 22, 2020

* Show CHOOSE OPTIONS button instead of ADD TO CART on products with characteristics.


Version 1.0.1 
Date: April 23, 2020

* Improved image loading.


Compatible with: 3 4
Extension type: M
Version: 1.0.5
Last updated: Nov 19, 2022
Price: $28.00 /one time
Support & update: 1 Year