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  1. Michael Gilkes
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  3. Friday, 06 July 2018
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OK. I am still trying to customize this template on my local server before I upload to the live site. I am not going to be using the language switcher or currency switcher, so I didn't add it. So, the space on the top left was blank, which is what I wanted. Out of the blue, I believe after I updated gantry to 5.4.24, a couple of placeholders just showed up. I don't know what change I did to make them appear, since the only thing I did differently is to upgrade gantry then add the search module, which shouldn't affect any place holders.

As a test, I also added the language switcher to see if it will show up and it does not show at all. I don't understand why this is happening. This only happened after I updated gantry to version 5.4.24 from version 5.4.22.

I can make them disappear if I turn off the language-currency block in the template layout. But I don't think I should need to do that. Could you help me remove these place holders without turning off the block?
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