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  3. Wednesday, 07 October 2020
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I just purchased and installed RCA Deals for HikaShop and am having display issues right away.

I am using the Yootheme Pro template, and the module is not displaying properly. If I leave the "Maximum displayed products" setting at the default of 2, it looks OK, but shows two products and then scrolls between seeing both of those products and then just the second product. If I set the "Maximum displayed products" setting to higher than two, then the module displays two columns of products, with one product in the left column and the rest displayed vertically in the right column. The module then scrolls between the products displayed like that and then all the products in the right hand column only.

Also, every other time I load the page all I get is a blank white page with "2020" in he upper left corner.

I am not getting any console errors for the module if I inspect the page when I do get it to display. I get a bunch of errors when I view the console of the blank page with "2020" on it.

Any thoughts on what is going wrong? Do you just not support the Yootheme Pro template?

Here is a screenshot of how it looks with 4 products shown:
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