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  1. Christopher Berg
  2. Gantry 5 Particles
  3. Thursday, 16 August 2018
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we are using joomla in combination with iframes in a couple of instances. in the case, an iframe is used, the menu should take the least space possible. I thought of using an off canvas item that is always displayed, not only on a mobile device. I was looking for some setting in which I can e.g. say: use mobile menu when screen width is less than 60px.. that would work.

alternatively, I wanted to use the off canvas particel. However after trying the funktionality, I saw that apparently, you cannot implement a the joomla menu items within the off canvas particle. is that correct? is there a possibility to use the off canvas particle and link it to the joomla menu items (which do have permisisons in our case!).

thanks in adavnce.
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