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  1. Michael Thornton
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  3. Saturday, 28 January 2023
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I am having issues using the Portfolio Particle on my site built with Wordpress and a Rocketthemes theme. I'm in a development environment using Local (localwp.com) and uploading to Flywheel.

I am attempting to use a modal link and am uncertain how to proceed. I see the place for "Modal HTML" and when I entered code for a modal and added CSS to the page for it, but it's not rendering as a modal (it simply appears withing the link item). I tried stripping it back to the intended modal content and likewise had no luck.

I've seen reference to a RcaTheme Elements Atom but cannot locate it to install it. I am honestly uncertain if it is needed for Wordpress installs.

I cannot tell how much of the modal I need to build and how much is built into the particle. Some guidance would be appreciated.
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