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  3. Friday, 16 April 2021
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Hi. I have lodged and then withdrawn this query previously, but it is still unresolved. I have the e-store template - version 1.0.2. With this I am running Gantry v 5.4.37, Hikamarket 3.0.2, Hikashop 4.4.2 and Joomla

The admin backend is always accessible, but I restore the website from a backup, and a few days later the home page fails to load - just get a never-ending page loading indicator. I have tried the following: uninstalled a badbot module, uninstalled a freeware spam module; disabling all Hikamarket modules- it is an older version; disabling Acymailing, Akeeba Backup, Gantry. These are all modules updated since the problem started. If I disable the e-store template, the website front-end loads. This would indicate to me that the problem lies in the template. Please assist. We need the store to go live, and can't do so while the problem persists.
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