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Details and Features

Using this plugin, you will be able to create customised and responsive WooCommerce products scroller and show them on anywhere using Shortcodes.



Copy Shortcode showing on this page and paste it on Post/Page/Widget or Gantry 5 Particle where you want to show this product carousel.



Configurable Options: General Settings


Scroller Settings:
Pause On Hover Whether pause the scroller on hover or not.
Scroller Speed Scroller speed in milliseconds.
Title Options:
Show Title Show/Hide title before scrolling products.
Scroller Title Icon Class Add a CSS (icon) class to show before the Title. You can add Font Awesome icons or your custom icons with CSS class.
Scroller Title Add the title text.



Configurable Options: Products Options


Products Options:
Total Products to Display  Enter total products to display with the carousel.
Products Id Enter products id separated by comma (,) to show selected products only. NOTE: If you add ids, ignore "Select Categories", "Products By SKU", "Products By TAGs", "Products By Date Range", "Products Types" and "Filter Products" options below.
Select Categories Select categories you want to display products from.
Products By SKU If you add ELEC, it will show all products that includes ELEC in their SKU and filter by above selected Categories. It accepts string only, so write only one value. It Does partial matching on the SKU (e.g. if you add "ELECTR", it will get products with SKU ELECTR-1 and ELECTR-2 etc.). 
Products By TAGs Add tags separated by comma (,) if you want to show products with specific tag and filter by above options.
Products By Date Range  Select FROM DATE and TO DATE if you want show products from specific date range and filter by above options.
Apply Date Range On Select Products Created DateProducts Modified DateProducts Date On Sale From or Products Date On Sale To to apply above selected date range.
Products Types Select one or more option from External ProductsGrouped ProductsSimple Products and Variable Products if you want to show products from specific products types and filter by above options. Default: Any Products.
Filter Products Select if you want to show only On Sale ProductsFeatured ProductsVirtual ProductsDownloadable ProductsSold Individually ProductsManage Stock Products or Reviews Allowed Products and filter by above options. Default: No filter.
Sort by Sort above filtered products by Random ProductsNewest ProductsRecently Modified ProductsOlder ProductsBest Selling ProductsLess Selling ProductsTop-Low Rated ProductsLow-Top Rated ProductsHigh-Low Stock ProductsLow-High Stock Products
Show Only "Backorders" Allowed Products Yes or No
Show "In Stock" Products Only Yes or No
Image Options:
Show Image Show/Hide product image before product title.
Enable Image Resizing & Cropping Yes or No. Enable if you have products images with different size.
Image Cropping Width Enter the image width to crop. E.g. 350
Image Cropping Height Enter the image height to crop. E.g. 350
Image Border Radius Add CSS Border radius in px/rem/em/%.



Configurable Options: Styles


Font Size Add CSS font size in px/rem/em/% for the scroller title and product title.
Default Color Choose a color (from color picker) or add a color code for the scroller title and product title.
Hover Color Choose a color (from color picker) or add a color code for the scroller title and product title on hover.


  • Lifetime usage
  • 6 months premium ticket support
  • 6 months access to updates
  • Option to renew with 20% discount.
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