Extensions for HikaShop - Documentation


  1. Download the module from your Download area of RcaTheme.com
  2. Login to your Joomla! Administrator
  3. Go to Extensions > Manage > Install

  4. On the Upload Package File tab, select or Drag & drop the module zip file you downloaded.


  1. Go to Extensions > Plugins

  2. Search with rca hikashop search
  3. Select and Publish the RCA HikaShop Search plugin.


  1. Go to Menu > Add New Menu Item (under any Hidden menu)

    add new menu
  2. Click on Select button next to Menu Item Type* option.
    select menu item type

  3. From the Menu Item Type popup window, click on HikaShop and then click on Products listing.

    select menu item type2

  4. Now click on Products options tab and setup as you need. Just make sure to select top level category on Main category option. 

    product options

  5. Find Product features display section and set Filters to No if you're not using any filters.

  6. Click on Save & Close



  1. Go to Extensions > Modules

  2. Click on New button to create new module and select RCA Search for HikaShop
  3. On the Menu options, select the HikaShop products listing menu item you just created.

  4. Configure other options as you need.