Gantry 5 Particles - Documentation

You can use all our Gantry 5 particles with our Joomla template's Gantry 5 layout manager.

To use particles with Joomla template layout-

  1. Login to your Joomla Administrator
  2. Click on Components > Gantry 5 Themes > Default Theme

    Joomla Extensions Modules

  3. Choose an Outline where you want to add the particle

    Choose gantry 5 outline
  4. Click on Layout Tab

    Select module joomla type

  5. Now find a Section where you want to show the particle contents and drag & drop your desired particle to the Section

  6. Now click (config icon) next to the Particle you just dropped and follow On-screen instructions and the particle documentation.

  7. After finish your configuration, click on Save Layout button from top right.