You can use all our Gantry 5 particles with Joomla's default Module Manager like other modules.

Note: If your particle contents will be large then use template layout manager instead of module. Because Joomla module have limitations to its content size.

To use particles with Joomla module manager-

  1. Login to your Joomla Administrator
  2. Click on Extensions > Modules

    Joomla Extensions Modules

  3. Click on New button from top left corner

    Create new module

  4. from next Select a Module Type: screen find and click on Gantry 5 Particle

    Select module joomla type

  5. Now from the module editor window, click on Pick a Particle

  6. Now from Pick a Particle popup window, select a particle you want to use and click on Select button

  7. Now follow your selected particle's On-screen instructions and documentation.