You can use all our Gantry 5 particles with WordPress default Widgets manager.

To use particles with WordPress Widgets manager-

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin
  2. From WordPress admin sidebar, hover on Appearance > and click on Widgets

    Joomla Extensions Modules

  3. Click on Manage with Live Preview from top right

    Choose gantry 5 outline

  4. Now browse the page from your website live preview where you want to show the Widget/Particle.
  5. Click on a Widget position from left sidebar which you want customize.

    Select module joomla type

  6. Click on Add a Widget button and choose Gantry 5 Particle

  7. Click on Pick a Particle button

    Pick a gantry 5 particle
  8. Now choose a Particle and follow On-screen instructions and the particle documentation.

  9. Now see the preview on your website, if everything Ok then click on Publish button from top right corner of the Sidebar.